Ball Motion & Matching Up with Bryan O’Keefe Video Download


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Video Download: Ball Motion & Matching Up with Bryan O’Keefe

Bryan O’Keefe is the Director of Coaching at McKendree University utilizes state of the art technology to explain some of the most advanced concepts in bowling today.

His EARL study will show you four variables that affect your shot by adjusting one variable at a time.

O’Keefe’s explanation of stronger vs. weaker bowling balls will dispel myths on the topic.

He’ll also define what a release ratio is and how it is used to match up to changing lane conditions.

Then he’ll give you a show and tell on how a relaxed grip feels and what that does for your game. 36 minutes.

Chapter Topics

  • EARL Study
  • Stronger & Weaker Balls
  • Release Ratio
  • Axis Rotation Tips
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