6 Drills That Will Get you Lined up Utilizing Laydown, Launch Angle and Loft

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From time to time bowlers struggle with too much or too little hook. When this occurs, often times you’ll reach into your bag and give another ball a shot.

These six drills provided by our USBC Gold Certified Coaches will get you striking faster with drills that have nothing to do with ball changes.

Positioning of your body at the start or stance of your approach will get your body to follow suit at the finish position. When you’re lined up properly, you’re less likely to miss your spot and have more control over where the ball goes down lane.

Where you lay your ball down on the lane is just as important as hitting the spot you’re targeting. You’ll learn from our experts what happens to your ball reaction when you lay the ball down in different spots on the lane.

Lofting is a valuable tool to have in your bag of tricks when lanes break down. You’ll discover how to loft a bowling ball properly and the difference down lane between a little and a lot of loft.

These drills are a must-have for any bowler looking to improve their game. There are a lot of different ways to make adjustments in this sport and these are surefire ways to increase your average in short order.

To help you find the tips that best suit your needs, here’s a list of the tips and the starting point in the video where each begin:

00:06 – Preset Your Angles
03:49 – Launch Angle
09:51 – Lay Down Point
13:17 – Loft Overview
16:30 – Advanced Loft
21:31 – Physical Game Philosophy

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