7 Tips From The Pro Shop

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For some, the Pro Shop is a great place to get the latest and greatest advancements that bowling has to offer. For others, it can be a place less traveled. Riddled with resistance to change and plagued with fear of poor performance.

The coaches at the USBC Bowling Academy find that the best approach to dealing with your local Pro Shop is somewhere in the middle of these two examples.

These seven tips are geared to help you properly communicate with your Pro Shop operator to help get what you are looking for.

When diagnosing physical game problems on the approach, our coaches have traced the majority of issues back to how the ball was drilled and how it fits in your hand.

Compensating for a bad grip creates bad habits in other areas of your game. Don’t waste another minute correcting behavior that could have been avoided by starting with a proper grip.

To help you find the tips that best suit your needs, here’s a list of the tips and the starting point in the video where each begin:

00:06 – Communicating with the Pro Shop
05:31 – The Fit
28:09 – Base Fit
37:05 – Grips and Inserts
40:09 – The Makeup of a Good Fit
54:34 – Bowling Ball Surface
57:24 – The Drill Press

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