9 Drills Geared to Improve Your Footwork

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Results down lane at the pins are a direct result of what happens throughout the approach. So what does it take to have proper footwork?

These nine drills are geared for bowlers of all skill levels.

Every bowler has heard, “You’re too fast,” “Too slow,” or “You’re drifting.” Our coaches will help you identify when to be fast with your feet and when to slow down.

You’ll learn the true definition of drift and lateral movement, which will help you correct your outlook on the approach.

Posture is incredibly important when trying to improve accuracy and we’ll show you step-by-step what the correct posture looks like and what you can do to achieve it.

Painters and bowling tape are two handy go-to aides when learning to line up your footwork. Watch how to set up a practice session and how to run the drill you need to succeed on the lanes.

With so many things happening in four or five steps, these nine drills are essential for bowlers to understand. And who better to instruct you on the subject than our certified USBC Gold Coaches?

To help you find the tips that suit your needs, here’s a list of the tips and their starting point in the video:

00:00 – Essential Posture Tips
04:27 – Walk the Line
12:03 – Pushaway
20:46 – Starting Footwork
24:59 – Spine Tilt Throughout the Approach
27:52 – Tempo
31:39 – Proper Spine Tilt
38:37 – Walk Direction
41:19 – Tape Line Drill

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