Bowling Release and Rotation Versatility


One of the most important aspects of a bowler’s game is the release. There are many different releases that can be used depending on the situation you may be in. Bowling coach Lou Marquez discusses the importance of variation in a bowler’s release with Rod Ross. Watch as Marquez demonstrates wrist positioning and how it can affect rotation in the release. Practicing different releases, and knowing when to use them, is key to improving your game.

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One Response to “Bowling Release and Rotation Versatility”
  1. Dan

    This is one of the best tip videos I’ve seen. I’ve been working on this very technique as I only have two balls and a spare ball in my arsenal. One for dryer lanes, one for heavier oil and a plastic. I know a guy who carries 9 balls with him at all times and is a very good bowler but I don’t think he has grasped this concept of changing the release to match the condition. Now I know I’m not crazy in my way of thinking! And my back appreciates the lighter load when I head for the lanes.


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