Facts About the Bowling Strike Pocket

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Knocking pins down can sometimes be a love/hate relationship for bowlers. Our coaches will explain how pin weight and the number of pins affects how they fall.

Each of the ten pins set up down lane have a specific number (1-10) assigned to them for players to identify with. They are set up into three different rows.

You’ll learn what the pocket is and how it differs for right and left handed bowlers.

Our coaches will explain how the entry angle of the bowling ball into the pocket increases your striking ability and what it takes to get there.

Beginner bowlers cannot advance their game without understanding which pin is which, and what it takes to strike. Experienced bowlers identify pins so quickly that it’s second nature and it can be intimidating to be around when you’re just starting out. That’s why this is a must-watch video for all beginner bowlers.

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  1. Martinez Box

    1st year coach for youth females ages 11-14. Looking for free videos to recommend to them for viewing at home.


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