Cracked Bowling Ball: Climate Effects

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Many bowlers have experienced a cracked bowling ball at least once over the years. Bowling coach Bryan O’Keefe and pro bowler Chris Barnes discuss some of the factors that can cause a cracked ball, including extreme temperature changes.

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6 Responses to “Cracked Bowling Ball: Climate Effects”
  1. Paul Huffman

    Have seen a guy bring a ball in from his car during below zero temps shadow balls started, he threw a beautiful strike when ball slammed the pocket, pins went flying, ball was laying on the lane in 4 pieces, when mechanic picked up pieces and carried them back to the concourse area there was frost on what would be the center core of the ball. Frozen ball exploded on impact.

    • Dennis

      Storing my balls on a shelf at home. I used a set of wood salad bowls. They all split.

  2. William Boyd

    it’s time you admit the shell is curing and shrinking and eventually cracks. I have all my equipment in constant temperature control. they sit they crack. at least 6 storm balls

    • Dennis

      I stored my balls other that the three I take to league on a book shelf. I used wood salad bowls to rest them on. Three of the six split

  3. Kevin

    Only had one ball crack, a Columbia. Never subjected to temperature extremes. Cracked while sitting on carpet in my basement.

  4. Rick Jacobsen

    Working in a pro shop I have had balls on our display wall crack. Agreeing too with others I have had balls stored in a climate controlled bedroom that have split. Had 2 Hammer Angers that split within a week of each other just sitting on the carpeted floor. Both drilled the same day.


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