Improve Your Bowling Grip with Strengthening Exercises

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Bowling coach Rod Ross teaches you two strengthening exercises that you can practice at home to improve your bowling grip and create a more consistent release. By simply tossing a softball with your thumb relaxed, you can train the muscles in your hand to improve your game.

Enjoy this free video on improving your bowling grip!

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2 Responses to “Improve Your Bowling Grip with Strengthening Exercises”
    • Customer Service

      Hi, Frank. After speaking with our Team USA and International Training and Research Center (ITRC) Sports Conditioning Specialist using a 4 or 5-pound exercise ball instead of a softball would be fine for this drill. What’s important about this drill is that you use your fingers to roll the ball and avoid gripping with the thumb. Adding extra weight should strengthen the muscles faster and require less repetitions to see results. Thanks for continuing with the Bowling Academy.


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