Making Proper On-Lane Bowling Adjustments

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It’s one thing to notice how a lane changes over the course of a game and say, “Huh, that’s interesting.” It’s an entirely other thing to see those changes and adjust your game accordingly. Successful bowlers are capable of determining when a transition has occurred and making the proper response. Oil pattern no longer favoring your preferred bowling ball path? Time for on-lane bowling adjustments.

Reading the lane

First things first in adjusting your game is deciding if a change has in fact occurred on the lane. Put simply, has the lane started to transition? The bowling lane conditions always are transitioning throughout a game, and it is highly important during competition to understand what those changes mean for your particular style and the way you approach a game. Determining your bowling ball path early on can have a huge impact on your score, which is why you should use as much of your practice time to get a feel for the conditions.

Picking the right on-lane bowling adjustments

Whether it means changing your starting position or pulling out a new ball more suited to current lane conditions, you can drastically improve your score by making the correct on-lane bowling adjustment during crunch time.

A proper on-lane bowling adjustment can be as simple as sliding your feet to the left or the right or shooting for a different line to attack the pocket, or it might require that you take a look in your bag to see if different equipment will work better for what you’re dealing with. The first step to making the right decision is always getting a good sense of how your adjustment will affect your game. Know the lane and you can better predict the outcome.

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