One-Step Drill for Bowling Practice at Home

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Timing is an aspect of the game that all bowlers would like to perfect and Bowling practice can help. If everything is in-sync throughout the approach, i.e. the footwork and swing are fluid and well-paced, you stand to put a good stroke on the ball. Do that consistently, and you’ve got yourself a solid game. But then the question is, how do we make sure to nail our timing shot after shot?

Coaches everywhere may have differing opinions on how best to tackle the issue of a mistimed swing, but we think it all starts with a one-step drill. With the one-step drill, you remove every other component of the bowling stroke from the bowler’s mind and make them focus solely on their first step–you build from the ground up by getting the ball hand synced up with the lead foot. In this bowling practice lesson, we teach you the proper technique for a one-step drill you can practice over and over in your own home to train muscle memory and hone your timing.

How the one-step Bowling Practice drill works

By and large, the biggest trouble spot of most bowlers’ strokes comes at the very start. A solid push away is essential for a good release, as well as every other step in between. That’s why we recommend coaches train their bowlers’ first step with the one-step drill. The one-step drill is quick and simple, and you don’t even need a lane for it to work. By practicing the one-step drill in your living room, you can improve your bowling approach by matching the first movement of your bowling ball with the first movement of your foot.

Working this one-step drill into your training regimen is guaranteed to hone your timing with muscle memory. As with most aspects of bowling, the key to becoming more consistent in your approach is to practice the bowling fundamentals, which begin with your very first step. Test out the one-step drill right in front of your computer, see if it doesn’t start helping right away!

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