Preparation for the PWBA Minnesota Open

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Stephen Padilla, a USBC Gold Coach and USBC’s Director of Coaching, walks us through how PWBA, PBA and Team USA member Kelly Kulick prepares to play the Minnesota Open.

Ball selection is key and knowing the pattern prior to the event gave Kulick a leg up on packing her arsenal for this event.

Kulick explains how she utilizes her time throughout the two-hour practice session to fine-tune each ball by adjusting surface to match up to the lane’s oil volume and surface.

She observes other players by watching where they are playing and what equipment they are using, all while talking through options with her ball rep.

Moving on to game day, Kulick explains how she approaches the ten-minute practice session. Mental preparations, nutrition and exercise regiments are just some of the key components Kulick utilizes prior to the competition.

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