Proper Bowling Ball Maintenance

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Bowling Ball Maintenance

Bowling coach Bill Monce discusses proper bowling ball maintenance and bowling ball cleaning in order to keep your equipment oil free. To prevent oil soaking into the bowling ball, make sure you are cleaning it often.

Learn more about this, as well as other bowling tips on ball maintenance in this video.

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3 Responses to “Proper Bowling Ball Maintenance”
  1. John Thiell

    I have heard of the water bath methods before but keeping a ball in water for over an hour does not effect the core at all. It did not look like you had the holes plugged before immersing it so I was wondering how the water getting inside the finger holes does not soak into and hurt the ball.

    • Customer Service Techs

      Hi, John. Thank you for your comment. The cover stock, core filler, and core materials in today’s bowling balls are quite dense and not easily permeated by liquids. Of these three pieces the cover stock would have the most pores and be most susceptible to a liquid such as water. If water gets in the gripping holes of the ball it can be dried out without damaging the gripping surface. If you’re using a water bath solution to clean your equipment be sure to remove all tapes and substances from inside the holes and be as thorough as possible when drying all holes and logos afterword, and let the ball set in a cool dry place for plenty of time before using it again.


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