Tips for Proper Bowling Safety

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When learning to bowl, it’s important to know the obstacles you’ll face. Our coaches will walk you through what it takes to stay safe as you pick up this new sport.

Using proper equipment is imperative for your safety. In this video, you’ll learn the difference between using bowling shoes and using your ” off the street” shoes on the approach and how it impacts the game.

Choosing the right ball before you get started will help avoid injury and increase your odds for success.

Pinching your fingers is a very real possibility if you are not aware of the proper way to grab the bowling ball from the rack.

Keeping your hands and shoes clean and dry from food and drink can be an often-overlooked safety concern for beginner bowlers. Dropping the ball, not being able to release the ball and falling over are also first-time pitfalls.

You’ll learn what and where the foul line is and why it is important to stay behind it at all times.

Lane courtesy is important for everyone’s safety too. You’ll learn what it is and why it’s important to follow.

With these tips, beginners will learn what many experienced bowlers already know, which will help you enjoy the game and excel at it at the same time.

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