Qualifying – Block 1

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You have never seen tournament coverage like this before. Our cameras take you frame-by-frame and game-by-game through the first qualifying block (6 games) at the PWBA Minnesota Open following Kelly Kulick.

Director of Coaching and USBC Gold Coach Stephen Padilla, with PBA Champion, PWBA Champion and six-time Team USA member Kelly Kulick analyze every move on and off the lane during the first six-game qualifying block.

Kulick is up against 57 other women in the field and will be bowling with seven other ladies on different pairs throughout this block. To advance to match play, Kulick will have to be in the top 16 to make the cut after two rounds of qualifying.

You’ll get frame-by-frame scoring and real-time standings after each game allowing you to follow along with Kulick as she prepares for the next game.

She compares her ball selection and line to the pocket to the other players’ while discussing the ups and downs of the block.

We move with her to every pair throughout the block while she explains how she approached the move and what the intended result was. Padilla and Kulick discuss the actual result while analyzing areas of success or the need for a different approach.

You’ll see every ball change, every adjustment on the approach and down-lane, all while hearing firsthand what caused Kulick to make these adjustments.

Is it the lane or is it me? Kulick opens up on her methodology of self-evaluation when it comes to a decision about errant shot or lane transition.

Hank Boomershine, a ball rep with Storm products and USBC gold coach, provides Tech Tips throughout the block and shows us how important the interaction between ball rep and player truly is.

At the end of the block, we’ll recap where Kulick started on the fresh and with which ball. Then we’ll detail each ball change and adjustment, overlaying them on one screen to show how much an elite bowler moves throughout a given block.

This is a must-see for any bowler thinking about or actively taking part in tournament play.

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