Quick Tips to Improve Bowling Targeting

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As with most sports, concentration in bowling is of the utmost importance. If you can stay focused on your target and execute your shots with solid technique, you set yourself up for the best possible scores. Likewise, if you just can’t seem to hone in on the target and you find that your attention is all over the place, you’re going to be in for some frustrating times on the lanes.

We see bowlers all the time who have great technique and understand the tactics of the game, but they just can’t get a hang of proper bowling targeting. Regardless of talent level, bowlers who struggle with hitting their target tend to experience erratic, inconsistent play and a lot of leftover pins. Bowling targeting can be a difficult concept to perfect, but once you discover how to block everything out and just focus on that one spot on the lane, you’ll become a more consistent and confident bowler. So in this lesson, we teach you some expert tips to improve your bowling targeting and increase your score.

Simple methods for better bowling targeting

The typical bowling stroke lasts just a few split seconds, so it shouldn’t be that hard to maintain concentration for its entirety, right? One would think so, but when the pressure’s on and the blood starts flowing, it’s tough to stay completely focused on your target. If you struggle with bowling targeting, we’re going to teach you an easy way to keep your eyes from drifting to the pins and letting your peripheral vision take over.

To help you improve your bowling targeting, bowling Coach Peter Somoff introduces some expert advice that’ll change the way you look at the lane. He explains why anxiety forces players to miss their bowling target, and teaches you how to block out peripheral sights by maintaining focus on your target from the setup to the follow-through. Like targeting in golf or tennis, successful bowling targeting requires keeping your eye on the ball until it’s long gone. Try this simple during your next training session, and see if you can develop better bowling targeting in your game!

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