Utilizing Bowling Ball Reaction to Improve Your Score

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Understanding Bowling Ball Reaction

Knowing how to fully utilize your equipment is a key step in the process of becoming a more confident and capable bowler. To help you finetune your bowling ball arsenal, Kim Terrell-Kearney and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard demonstrate why it’s so important to take advantage of each unique bowling ball reaction during training and competition.

To show you how it works, Carolyn throws the same shot with three separate balls, showing how each gives her a unique reaction. She then throws all three with a different release. Her goal is to demonstrate that you can attack the pins in a completely new way by understanding your bowling ball motion.

How does form affect results?

By now you’ve probably learned that bowling ball motion is dependent upon the type of ball you employ. If you throw a ball with the same technique from the same spot, one ball will react a certain way, while another may follow a slightly different path. What happens, though, when you start to move your feet around on the lane and experiment with your release? It should be no surprise that with each new movement, you’ll experience a different bowling ball reaction.

Know your equipment and your style

Because there is often little time to make adjustments during competition, Carolyn says you have to be able to react quickly. Or suppose you notice over the course of a few tournaments that you haven’t been finishing quite as well as you would like. That’s where experimenting with bowling ball reaction can have a major impact: You can improve your score little by little when you know which ball to choose in any situation.

Whether you’re changing equipment, adjusting your release or simply stepping left or right to come at the pocket from a new angle, minor changes on the lane can have important effects on your game. They just might mean the difference between pulling away from your opponent and falling behind at a crucial moment.

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