• Comparing Bowling Lane Surfaces

    Different lane surfaces can create different ball reactions. Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney discusses the various characteristics of a lane that can make your ball roll differently. Learn how your ball might react depending on the type of surface you are competing on.

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  • Elements of a Bowling Ball Fitting

    An initial bowling ball fitting is so important to make sure the ball fits the players hand comfortably and there is no pain. They need a grip that allows them to repeat shots and get the ball off their hand on target. USBC Certified Gold Coach Del Warren and USBC Hall of Famer Carolyn Dorin-Ballard demonstrate the components that make up… Read more »

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  • Use of Bowler's Tape

    Using bowlers tape contributes to a proper fit, which is crucial to executing and repeating shots. Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross and Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney explain the importance of bowlers tape in today’s game. Bowlers tape will help to compensate for changes in your hand over the course of a day to provide you with a clean… Read more »

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  • Bowling Ball Surface Adjustments

    When the ball isn’t getting where it needs to go on the lanes, many bowlers will assume they need to buy a new ball before they even try to make bowling ball surface adjustments. Changing the surface ever so slightly of your bowling balls can give you such a different ball reaction and in turn improve your scoring… Read more »

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  • Understanding Bowling Ball Cores

    Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross and USBC Gold Coach Bryan O’Keefe break down the key components of a bowling ball’s core design. The most important aspects of core design are the shape and the size, which help determine when a ball should be used.

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  • Bowling Technique: Using Tape to Help with Grip Pressure

    USBC Director Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and USBC Gold Coach Bill Spigner talk about grip pressure in this bowling video. Learn how to bowl with a free swing as well as how to re-grip your bowling ball during your swing. Take a good look at the many demonstrations of this helpful bowling technique. Find out how you… Read more »

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  • Using Bowling Accessories to Improve Your Game - Wrist Device

    Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney and USBC Hall of Famer Carolyn Dorin-Ballard talk to Team USA member Stefanie Johnson about wearing a wrist device for improvements in her arm swing and release and explain why you might consider using one for your game. They discuss some of the advantages of using a wrist… Read more »

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