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    For many competitors, bowler statistics are just numbers that they don’t factor into their mentality. For those looking to take the next step into a more focused and intentional gameplan, bowler statistics are crucial pieces of information that tell the story of their game. Whether it’s learning to adjust to changing lane conditions by taking… Read more »

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  • 009321f_Q6508u_c Coaches Tool Kit

    When it comes to coaching a bowler, there’s much more you can do as an instructor than simply observe and critique. Becoming a better coach is similar to becoming a better bowler in that the process requires certain bowling coaching tools. To truly be effective as a coach, i.e. to make the appropriate adjustments and… Read more »

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  • one-step drill

    Timing is an aspect of the game that all bowlers would like to perfect and Bowling practice can help. If everything is in-sync throughout the approach, i.e. the footwork and swing are fluid and well-paced, you stand to put a good stroke on the ball. Do that consistently, and you’ve got yourself a solid game…. Read more »

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  • senior bowling

    Perhaps the greatest thing about bowling is that it’s one of the few sports that can be played by people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors and everywhere in between. And thanks to a number of big changes to the sport in the last few decades, it has become easier for senior bowlers to… Read more »

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  • Bowling Approach Troubleshooting: Tips for Common Problems

    Most bowlers are susceptible to developing bad habits in their game, but they may not realize just how easy it can be to correct them. Much of the time, when a bowler feels out of sorts or can’t figure out why their shot hasn’t been working the same as it used to, the issue lies… Read more »

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  • Understanding You as a Bowler | Bowling Ball P.A.P.

    USBC Gold Coach Hank Boomershine provides tips on the importance of a ball’s positive access point (P.A.P.) and how to locate it. As a coach, understanding a player’s P.A.P. helps them to understand what type of player they are dealing with, which in turn allows them to offer more individualized coaching instruction.

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  • Bowling Strength Exercises: Reduce Your Risk of Injury

    Having a strong core is key for good bowling performance. The core is important for maintaining a healthy body and reducing your risk of injury. Sports Performance Specialist Nick Bohannan demonstrates some useful bowling exercises for dealing with common injuries.

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  • Bowling Tips: Effectively Working With a Bowling Coach

    USBC Gold coach Stephen Padilla explains how to get the most out of your bowling coach. If there are areas in your game that you need to improve upon, there are 5 steps to making a change in your relationship that you and your coach should be aware of. By focusing on these areas of… Read more »

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  • A Proper Bowling Ball Fit

    In today’s game, the grip is more important than ever before. Learn from USBC Gold coach Del Warren about a base bowling ball fit and some items that may help you to diagnose your own grip and/or identify issues to take to your local pro shop. It is important to periodically check your grip while… Read more »

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