• Bowling Exercises for Dealing with Common Injuries

    Team USA Sports Performance Specialist Nick Bohanan and Team USA member Shannon O’Keefe show us some bowling exercises for strengthening the lower body to help establish the finish position. These bowling exercises work on balance, strength and range of motion. Performing these exercises at home can help improve your finish position and improve your game.

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  • bowling lane graph

    At most bowling tournaments, there will be a bowling lane graph on the wall to help bowlers prepare for competition. Team USA member Chris Barnes discusses lane graphs and breaks down exactly what a bowler should be looking for while examining the graph. Make sure to take away two main things from a lane graph… Read more »

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  • 005795 image

    Many teams come to ITRC to train and be put through a series of tests to look at overall athleticism and skill levels. These tests include the functional movement test, balance test, grip test, vertical jump, broad jump, and 12 minute run. After completing these tests, it is easy to find where a bowlers strengths… Read more »

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  • The Importance of Bowling Ball Maintenance - Bowling Training Video

    USBC Certified Gold Coach Karen Pullman and Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney show us some tips on bowling ball maintenance and how to keep your equipment in the best shape possible.

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  • Bowling Advice: Food for Thought - Bowling Training Video

    World Champion Chris Barnes and ITRC Sports Performance Specialist Nick Bohanan talk about some simple measures you can take to maintain proper nutrition and prepare your body for a great bowling performance. They stress the importance of eating non-fatty, high-protein food as well as drinking plenty of fluids to guarantee proper hydration.

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  • Tips for Reducing Common Bowling Injuries - Bowling Video

    Bowling is a game of accuracy and consistency, so reducing common bowling injuries is vital for a bowler’s success. Team USA Assistant Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney visits with Nick Bohanan, Sports Performance Specialist at the ITRC, to teach you some basic exercises for preventing and dealing with common injuries, so that you can recover quickly and… Read more »

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  • 4 Step and 5 Step Approach Drills

    USBC Certified Gold Coach Bill Monce shows us a helpful drill that can be used by players of all skill levels to help advance your game. This drill will show you how to free up your arm swing, as well as achieve great balance at the finish position.

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  • Improve Your Bowling Grip with Strengthening Exercises

    Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross teaches you two strengthening exercises that you can practice at home to improve your bowling grip and create a more consistent release. By simply tossing a softball with your thumb relaxed, you can train the muscles in your hand to improve your game. Enjoy this free video on improving… Read more »

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  • bowling warm-up

    Bowling is both physically and mentally exhausting, so Chris Barnes and Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney discuss some bowling warm-up exercises for properly preparing your body before bowling and cool down exercises for recovering after bowling. Warming up with dynamic exercises and static stretching will go a long way to help prevent injuries and guarantee you are ready… Read more »

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