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    Do you know what to do with your balance arm? Odds are, you’ve never given it a serious thought, because most amateur bowlers don’t think about how they’re using their balance arm when they go through the motions of their bowling stroke. For many bowlers the opposite arm does what it wants, and it’s just… Read more »

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    As with most solo sports, success in bowling requires total control of your environment. You’re up there by yourself, so only you can dictate the results of your play. And the thing that most often separates successful tournament bowlers from talented weekend warriors is a focused discipline toward maintaining their environment. In this lesson, we… Read more »

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  • bowling targeting

    As with most sports, concentration in bowling is of the utmost importance. If you can stay focused on your target and execute your shots with solid technique, you set yourself up for the best possible scores. Likewise, if you just can’t seem to hone in on the target and you find that your attention is… Read more »

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    More often than not, when a bowler feels stuck and can’t seem to improve their average any further, it’s because their ball doesn’t fit their hand properly. We see bowlers all the time who go to their local bowling ball pro shop looking for lessons and wonder why they’ve reached a ceiling in their game,… Read more »

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  • 009342f_Q6529u_c Shoulder Rotation

    Bowling is a sport that cannot strictly adhere to a one-size-fits-all model. To be a successful bowler, you have to adapt the components of your stroke to suit your capabilities and style. For instance, your natural rev rate and launch angle determine where you should release the ball at the foul line, as well as… Read more »

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  • 009299f_Q6486u_c Ball Maintenance

    Just like other sports that require regular equipment maintenance and upkeep, the way you take care of your bowling equipment can have a huge impact on the outcome of your play. You put good money into your bowling ball, and if you take good care of it you’ll enjoy your investment for many years to… Read more »

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  • 009298f_Q6485u_c Number of Balls

    Bowlers often wonder if their arsenal is filled with the right stuff, and exactly how much stuff is needed. While there’s no magic number for the amount of bowling balls you choose to carry in your bag, there is a right way and a wrong way to build your arsenal. The wrong way is buying… Read more »

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    Bowling is a sport of cause and effect. If your technique is correct and you hit your target, more often than not you’re going to get the result you’re after. On the other hand, if one component of your stroke is out of sync with the rest, chances are you’re going to miss your target… Read more »

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  • 009296f_Q6483u_c Ball Speed

    Bowling is a complex sport, and as such it’s often difficult to determine what you need to correct or improve when things don’t seem to be going right with your stroke. Typically, though, we’ve found that one of the most common reasons bowlers are missing their target is that they’re throwing the ball too hard…. Read more »

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