• Playing Low Ball to Overcome the Bowling 7 10 Split

    Nobody likes shooting corner pins, but if you practice enough, you can take the fear out of shooting them. USBC Hall of Famer Carolyn Dorin-Ballard teaches you about a practice game called Low Ball, where competitors attempt to knock down the fewest pins possible each frame by aiming for the corner pins.

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  • Making Adjustments to the Surface of Your Bowling Equipment

    Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross, professional bowler Chris Barnes and E.A.R.L. teach you about the different surface types you can create on your bowling equipment by using the proper tools, and the severity of the skid and hook that you will experience when you throw the ball down the lane with a rougher or smoother… Read more »

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  • Warm Up Bowling Drill

    USBC Gold Coach Richard Shockley speaks with USBC Director of Coaching Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and presents a good warm-up drill for all bowlers. You will be able to feel the correct motion for your release and learn to keep your elbow close to your body.

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  • How to Bowl: Washouts

    Washouts should not be intimidating, especially if you approach them from the correct angle. Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross explains how you still can use your strike ball to pick up a washout by just moving your feet to the angle that is most advantageous to cover the spare.

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  • Shoulder Injuries

    Some of the most common bowling injuries involve the shoulder. USBC Hall of Famer Lynda Barnes discusses how she overcame her shoulder injury in order to continue her career on the lanes. Watch as she goes over the exercises that got her back into shape. She also offers her insight on returning to the sport… Read more »

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  • Bowling Strength Exercises

    Let Team USA Sports Performance Specialist Nick Bohanan show you how all bowlers can benefit from strength exercises. Learn how core strengthening involves your abs, hips and back muscles and how performing these exercises will improve your posture and leverage. By performing the exercises recommended by Bohanan, you will be able to enhance your strength… Read more »

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  • At Home Drills for a Better Bowling Release

    The bowling release is one of the most crucial aspects of the game. Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross talks about some of the ways you can practice your release from the comfort of your own home. Watch Rod and USBC Gold Coach Bryan O’Keefe demonstrate how a softball and football can be used to… Read more »

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  • Bowling Spares

    Certain spares can be attacked multiple ways, and finding the way that is most comfortable for you to consistently repeat is a key to bigger scores. USBC Hall of Famer Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross demonstrate options for converting the 2-8 spare combination.

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  • Bowling Grips and Thumb Inserts

    USBC Director Carolyn Dorin-Ballard and USBC Gold Coach Bill Monce teach you the differences between bowling grips and slugs. Find out what they are used for and learn the benefits of using bowling grips and/or bowling slugs. Also, learn more about the thumb hole and see what options you have regarding thumb inserts. Use these… Read more »

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