• 009298f_Q6485u_c Number of Balls

    Bowlers often wonder if their arsenal is filled with the right stuff, and exactly how much stuff is needed. While there’s no magic number for the amount of bowling balls you choose to carry in your bag, there is a right way and a wrong way to build your arsenal. The wrong way is buying… Read more »

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  • 009297f_Q6484u_c Pulling the Ball copy

    Bowling is a sport of cause and effect. If your technique is correct and you hit your target, more often than not you’re going to get the result you’re after. On the other hand, if one component of your stroke is out of sync with the rest, chances are you’re going to miss your target… Read more »

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  • 009296f_Q6483u_c Ball Speed

    Bowling is a complex sport, and as such it’s often difficult to determine what you need to correct or improve when things don’t seem to be going right with your stroke. Typically, though, we’ve found that one of the most common reasons bowlers are missing their target is that they’re throwing the ball too hard…. Read more »

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  • 009295f_Q6482u_c Falling off the Shot

    Many bowlers wonder at one time or another in their playing career why they seem to fall off their shot. When the ball comes off your hand and you can’t maintain balance, chances are you’ll notice your ball missing the target in the direction you fell off. While there’s little mystery to why the ball… Read more »

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  • 009294f_Q6481u_c Dealing with Knee Pain

    Minor aches and pains are bound to happen when you’re bowling consistently and for extended periods of time. However, some injuries are preventable and can be limited by making minor changes to your technique, posture and footwork. For instance, many bowlers of all ages complain of bowling knee pain at the end of a game… Read more »

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  • 009293f_Q6480u_c Using Tape and Wrist Supports

    Two of the greatest tools of bowling that often go overlooked by bowlers are the bowling wrist brace and bowlers tape. We see bowlers come in all the time complaining of wrist pains and swollen or blistered thumbs, and they were totally unaware that braces and tape exist. While sometimes the problem is typically attributed… Read more »

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  • bowling lane oil

    Bowling equipment has changed the game drastically in recent decades, and while some effects are obvious, others are much more understated. Upgraded balls and new kinds of technology have allowed us to better understand what happens throughout the course of a bowling shot, as well as what happens in between shots. We have always known… Read more »

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  • 009317f_Q6504u_c Tape Line Drill

    No matter your skill level, you can always improve your bowling stroke. Whether it’s your pushaway, your posture or your release, you should never stop working on some aspect of your technique and striving to become more consistent and more confident with a ball in your hands. One component of the game all bowlers can… Read more »

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  • 009308f_Q6495u_c Exercises for Dealing with Common Injuries

    Bowling is much more stressful on the body than most people would think. When you consider the fact that you are using a number of major and minor muscles in sync to propel a heavy ball at a high speed, it’s hard to imagine your body wouldn’t endure at least a few aches and pains…. Read more »

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