• 009307f_Q6494u_c When the Money is on the Line

    We all deal with pressure, it’s part of being human, and it’s necessary for competition. What separates the average bowler from the greatest in the game is how they react in pressure situations. When the lights are bright and a prize is at stake, it’s the ones who handle their nerves and execute that get… Read more »

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  • bowling basics

    If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, we have the insight and exercises you need to add to your training to improve technique and test your game in preparation for those clutch tournament moments. Whether you’re just learning to throw the ball or you’re looking to make the leap from enthusiast… Read more »

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  • 009288f_Q6475u_c Exercises for Dealing with Common Injuries

    Don’t believe the people who say bowling is just a game. Bowling is an athletic sport that requires proper preparation and care of your body to both improve your average and prevent common injuries. The sport demands that all parts of your body, and particularly major muscles, work in synchronicity, which is why it’s absolutely… Read more »

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  • Choosing a Bowling Ball That’s Right for Your Arsenal

    Beginners and professionals alike know that bowling is a game of inches and minor adjustments. One step to the left or right can have a huge impact on the outcome of a game. The same goes for your equipment — choosing a bowling ball to better attack the pocket at the right time in a… Read more »

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  • Judging Your Bowling Technique on a Short Oil Pattern

    In competition, a short oil pattern requires a bowler to approach a game with a different strategy than they would if they were lining up on a longer pattern. The bowler must quickly adapt their game to suit the condition they’re about to face. To be prepared for any type of oil pattern, it’s important… Read more »

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  • Picking the Right Bowling Ball for a Long Oil Pattern

    In the same way it’s necessary for a golfer to choose the right club for each shot, it’s imperative for a bowler to understand which of their bowling balls is ideal for a specific lane condition. Today, we line up a bowler and look at the effects of a variety of her balls on a… Read more »

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  • Making Proper On-Lane Bowling Adjustments

    It’s one thing to notice how a lane changes over the course of a game and say, “Huh, that’s interesting.” It’s an entirely other thing to see those changes and adjust your game accordingly. Successful bowlers are capable of determining when a transition has occurred and making the proper response. Oil pattern no longer favoring… Read more »

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  • Understanding You as a Bowler | Bowling Ball P.A.P.

    USBC Gold Coach Hank Boomershine provides tips on the importance of a ball’s positive access point (P.A.P.) and how to locate it. As a coach, understanding a player’s P.A.P. helps them to understand what type of player they are dealing with, which in turn allows them to offer more individualized coaching instruction.

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  • Understanding Bowling Ball Motion

    USBC Gold Coach Lou Marquez and USBC Director of Coaching Stephen Padilla increase our understanding of bowling ball motion and provide pointers on how to make your game stronger. Observation of your ball as it reacts to the different phases of the lane will allow you to make adjustments to your game.

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