• Two Handed Bowling: Lane Play

    Adapting to Oil Pattern Length If you’ve played at a number of bowling alleys, you might have noticed the oil patterns on lanes tend to vary in length. Some patterns are extremely short, others are frightfully long. Because of this, no two lanes will roll the same. In order to play each lane properly, you’ll… Read more »

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  • Spare Shooting as a Two Handed Bowler

    Spares are an important component of every bowler’s game. USBC Director of Coaching Stephen Padilla highlights the key aspects and tricks of spare shooting as a two handed player.

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  • 008609f_Q6450u_c Two Handed Ball Motion

    Two handed bowling ball motion differs from one-handed. USBC Director of Coaching Stephen Padilla discusses the importance of being prepared regarding the kind of equipment you’re going to use and the types of adjustments you’re going to make when entering a competition as a two handed bowler.

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  • bowling ball rev rate

    According to Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross and Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney, many bowler’s who come to the ITRC are trying to determine how to get more RPMs. The coaches discuss the keys to increasing your bowling ball rev rate and debunk some misconceptions regarding it as well.

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  • 008603f_Q6444u_c Observation without Judgement

    The highest form of bowling intelligence is to be able to perform observation without judgement. The goal is to notice first and react at least 5 seconds later. Watch as Team USA Assistant Head Coach Kim Terrell-Kearney attempts this practice during and after her shots.

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  • Bowling Ball Types & Impact on Left Handed Arsenal

    With today’s market, it can be difficult for a bowler to put together a left handed arsenal. Team USA Head Coach Rod Ross demonstrates different ball shapes and distances of a left handed arsenal. If you’re left handed and playing in today’s game, watch this video to learn about different bowling ball types and what… Read more »

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  • Timing Tips for Women Bowlers

    USBC Gold coach Randy Stoughton shares his experiences in working with women bowlers. Some women tend to have a knack for being late on timing. Making some key changes at the beginning of your turn can combat this.

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  • Launch Angle Bowling Tips

    Launch angle is very important when it comes to analyzing a player’s game. USBC Gold coach Randy Stoughton discusses a tool they have at the ITRC to measure launch angle, as well as tips for changing your launch angle. Modifying launch angle can help a player who is transitioning from house shot leagues into sport… Read more »

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  • Bowling Warm-Up Routine

    Bowling is no different from any other physical sport when it comes to the need for a warm-up routine. USBC Gold coach Del Warren describes the bowling warm-up program designed for Webber International University bowlers. There are important aspects they must cover in order to warm-up their body.

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