• Qualifying - Block 1

    You have never seen tournament coverage like this before. Our cameras take you frame-by-frame and game-by-game through the first qualifying block (6 games) at the PWBA Minnesota Open following Kelly Kulick. Director of Coaching and USBC Gold Coach Stephen Padilla, with PBA Champion, PWBA Champion and six-time Team USA member Kelly Kulick analyze every move… Read more »

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  • Qualifying - Block 2

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go through a PWBA Tournament? Six-time Team USA Member, PBA and PWBA Champion Kelly Kulick will walk you through every moment of the experience while competing at the PWBA Minnesota Open. USBC’s Gold Coach and Director of Coaching Stephen Padilla teams up with Kulick to evaluate every… Read more »

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  • Match Play - Block 1

    Our crew continues to follow six-time Team USA Member, PBA and PWBA Champion Kelly Kulick through the PWBA Minnesota Open. The field has narrowed from 58 to 16 women over the coarse of 12 games on Day 1 of the two-day event. With the field narrowed by qualifying rounds, match play on Day 2 pins… Read more »

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  • Match Play - Block 2

    With only eight games remaining in match play, the competition intensifies for six-time Team USA Member, PBA and PWBA Champion Kelly Kulick at the PWBA Minnesota Open. USBC Director of Coaching and Gold Coach Stephen Padilla and Kulick have given us invaluable insight into what it takes to get to this point in a tournament… Read more »

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  • Stepladder Finals

    USBC Gold Coach and Director of Coaching Stephen Padilla and six-time Team USA Member, PBA and PWBA Champion Kelly Kulick overview Kulick’s stepladder finals performance at the Minnesota Open. Kulick is one of four ladies that advanced to this televised final from a field of 58. We’ve covered ever strike, spare and open frame up… Read more »

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  • 012576f_q6579u_c

    Just because you hit your target on the lane, that doesn’t mean your ball’s going to find the pocket with the right reaction. It’s a little known fact that the spot where you lay the ball down is equally as important as the target you set. If you’re finding that you can’t seem to maintain… Read more »

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  • 012573f_Q6576u_c

    For many competitors, bowler statistics are just numbers that they don’t factor into their mentality. For those looking to take the next step into a more focused and intentional gameplan, bowler statistics are crucial pieces of information that tell the story of their game. Whether it’s learning to adjust to changing lane conditions by taking… Read more »

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  • 012570f_Q6573u_c

    So you just got a new ball, and now it’s time to find your best stroke and discover your optimal bowling ball roll. Many pro shop managers will tell you that one of the simplest ways to identify whether you’re rolling the ball properly and getting the most out of your equipment is to place… Read more »

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  • 012567f_Q6570u_c

    If a bowling coach told you to step up to lane and roll your best shot with your best bowling swing mechanics, and then asked you how many times you swung the ball in order to throw it down the lane, what would you say? Obviously once, right? That’s what we thought, too, until we… Read more »

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