• 009330f_Q6517u_c Youth - One Step Drill

    Working with youth bowlers who are new to the sport is a matter of building from the basics. More often than not, the mentality toward bowling is that you can just step up to the lane, throw the ball and start to figure out your form with practice. But we want to reverse that logic… Read more »

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  • 009328f_Q6515u_c Youth - Staggered Stance

    As is the case in every sport, in order to properly teach new bowlers the ropes you have to establish the basics and build from the ground up. When training youth bowlers who are just finding their footing in the sport, some coaches will let their bowlers jump in and start throwing the ball to… Read more »

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  • 009326f_Q6513u_c Youth - Fitting a House Ball

    Before beginning to build your arsenal of fitted bowling balls, chances are you started out in the sport learning to develop your stroke with a house ball. House bowling balls come in a range of weights and sizes and are intended to accommodate any type of hand. However, while the house ball is excellent for… Read more »

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  • 009324f_Q6511u_c Youth - Warm Up Drills

    Bowling is a sport just like any other and can be equally tough on the body, which means you have to prepare beforehand by warming up and loosening your muscles. While this is highly important for older bowlers, coaches often forget that their young bowlers need to warm up in the same way to prevent… Read more »

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  • 009321f_Q6508u_c Coaches Tool Kit

    When it comes to coaching a bowler, there’s much more you can do as an instructor than simply observe and critique. Becoming a better coach is similar to becoming a better bowler in that the process requires certain bowling coaching tools. To truly be effective as a coach, i.e. to make the appropriate adjustments and… Read more »

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  • one-step drill

    Timing is an aspect of the game that all bowlers would like to perfect and Bowling practice can help. If everything is in-sync throughout the approach, i.e. the footwork and swing are fluid and well-paced, you stand to put a good stroke on the ball. Do that consistently, and you’ve got yourself a solid game…. Read more »

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  • 009315f_Q6502u_c Equipment

    Many young bowlers show up to their first tournament with just their benchmark ball in tow and hope to make a deep run. But it’s well proven by now that in order to navigate the unpredictable oil patterns and changing lane conditions of a tournament environment, you have to bring along an arsenal that allows… Read more »

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  • 009313f_Q6500u_c Release Position

    Proper alignment and correct angles in the body are essential for a good bowling stroke. If you able to achieve proper alignment and maintain a strong base, you set yourself up for a consistent shot, each and every time. This is especially true for alignment between your upper and lower bodies–when your chest is off… Read more »

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  • 009311f_Q6498u_c Tournament Arsenal

    When it comes to preparing your arsenal for tournament play, it’s highly important that you be versatile and adaptable to small changes on the lane, as often seen in collegiate tournaments. That’s because collegiate tournaments are unpredictable for oil patterns and lane conditions; there’s no telling what you’ll face ahead of time, so you have… Read more »

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