• bowling approach steps

    Bowling is a sport of cause and effect. To nail the finish, you have to have nailed the pushaway. Likewise, if you mistime your swing or take a wrong step in the approach, you’ll also misfire at the point of release. That’s why it’s important to trace your stroke back from the second you let… Read more »

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  • Bowling Power Step

    If we only had enough time with every bowler to work on one component of their game, we’d pick posture. A good posture is essential to developing a better bowling stroke; in fact, there are a number of reasons why posture is so influential in regards to a bowler’s score and their overall confidence. Most… Read more »

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  • bowling mechanics

    For utmost success in bowling, repeatability will always be our most important buzzword. What we mean by that is can you discover your best technique and then do it again and again? Is each successive roll the same as the one before it? At the ITRC, we’ve found that when asked to complete 10 shots… Read more »

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  • left-handed bowling

    Who says left-handed bowlers have it easy? Just because they use different parts of the lane to reach the pocket doesn’t mean that left-handed bowlers have it easy. However, while their end goal is the same as right-handed bowlers, left-handed bowlers do have to look out for separate aspects on the lane in order to… Read more »

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  • grip pressure

    Most bowlers are not aware that they can become more dynamic with their bowling stroke by adjusting the most minor mechanics. One of these simple changes that can often lead to dramatic results is the bowling grip pressure. Depending on the way you hold the ball and how hard you press with your fingers, you… Read more »

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  • senior bowling

    Perhaps the greatest thing about bowling is that it’s one of the few sports that can be played by people of all ages, from toddlers to seniors and everywhere in between. And thanks to a number of big changes to the sport in the last few decades, it has become easier for senior bowlers to… Read more »

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  • youth bowling

    Bowling Coaching Tips In most cases, when kids first start out bowling, they learn by doing, slowly improving their score and figuring out techniques that work for themselves specifically as they spend more time on the lanes. However, when these bowlers develop without proper training from a coach or experienced player, bad habits often creep… Read more »

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  • 008599f_Q6440u_c Creating Proper Ball Motion - Long Pattern 2

    The long lane oil pattern is generally the most difficult lane condition to play, especially when the oil is in transition. For most bowlers, the trouble with a long lane oil pattern lies in navigating the roll and skid with proper ball motion. Shape your shot according to the conditions, and you give yourself a… Read more »

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  • 008611f_Q6452u_c Two Handed Arsenal

    When you enter league play, it can be highly important to utilize an extensive bowling ball arsenal in order to accommodate any lane conditions. We all have a benchmark ball we’re most comfortable using, but oil patterns and wear in the lane don’t always dictate sticking with the benchmark. If you can stay on top… Read more »

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